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telepathictel‧e‧path‧ic /ˌteləˈpæθɪk◂/ adjective  1 ROKNOW somethingsomeone who is telepathic has a mysterious ability to know what other people are thinking2 ROKNOW somethinga telepathic message is sent from one person to another by using thoughts, not by talking or writing
Examples from the Corpus
telepathicHow did he know that? He must be telepathic.Performing with seemingly telepathic empathy, Watson and Ashley set an enduring standard for vocal and instrumental interplay.As though he were telepathic, he raised his eyes to look at her.A marvel of subtlety, sophistication and seemingly telepathic interplay, the album eschews the standard variations-on- a-theme jazz approach.A second Kalber family story reiterates the instruction that its members share in an almost telepathic intimacy.She sometimes wondered how assassins who weren't telepathic managed it.telepathic messagesWell, except for the hidden, brain-eating, telepathic part.Both of these books, show the use of telekinetic and telepathic powers as being evil and causing destruction.It was almost as though there were some telepathic understanding between them.
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