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telephone number

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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telephone numberˈtelephone ˌnumber noun [countable]  TCTthe number that you use to telephone a person What’s your telephone number? He gave me his address and telephone number.
Examples from the Corpus
telephone numberWith a new mailing address and telephone number, the Colemans tried to get on with their lives.Rosie had scribbled down the name and telephone number of a caller who had offered a story.They cite past performance and offer a toll-free telephone number.Their telephone number is: 071-487 3401.Please authorise us to debit your account and, where possible, give a day-time telephone number in case of query.
From Longman Business Dictionarytelephone numberˈtelephone ˌnumber written abbreviation tel adjective [only before a noun] journalism informal telephone number amounts, especially amounts of money, are very largeFrom a period of depressed growth, the company has turned itself around and is now achieving telephone number sales.
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