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telescopictel‧e‧scop‧ic /ˌteləˈskɒpɪk◂ $ -ˈskɑː-/ adjective  1 Tmade of parts that slide over each other so that the whole thing can be made longer or shorter a tripod with telescopic legs2 making distant things look bigger, like a telescope does a telescopic lens a rifle with a telescopic sight3 HAdone using a telescope his telescopic observations of the Moon
Examples from the Corpus
telescopicEvidence from telescopic observations therefore had to be deemed inadmissible.Only a few large, blotchy markings could be discerned by telescopic observers.Victorian brass telescopic oil lamp stand, £340.a telescopic picture of MarsThe rifle comes with a telescopic sight.A bolt-action rifle with telescopic sight.A motorised telescopic steering column is fitted as standard, as is an electrically adjustable seat with a memory function.A two-piece telescopic suction pipe adjusts to fit all types of container.
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