Date: 1900-2000
Language: French
Origin: télévision, from télé- 'tele-' + vision


tel‧e‧vi‧sion S1 W1
1 [countable] also television set formalTCBDH a piece of electronic equipment shaped like a box with a screen, on which you can watch programmes [= TV]:
a widescreen television
turn/switch a television on/off
Lucy turned on the television to watch the evening news.
turn the television up/down (=make it louder or quieter)
2 [uncountable]TCB the programmes broadcast in this way [= TV]:
In the evenings I like to relax and watch television.
television programme/show/series etc
a television documentary about runaway children

on (the) television

broadcast or being broadcast on television:
What's on television tonight?
4 [uncountable]TCB the business of making and broadcasting programmes on television [= TV]
in television
Jean works in television.
WORD FOCUS: television WORD FOCUS: television
similar words: TV, telly BrE informal, the box BrE informal, the tube AmE informal

programmes on television: the news, soap opera, sitcom, drama series, detective series, documentary, docusoap, game show, talk show also chat show British English, made-for-TV movie, cartoon, reality TV, infomercial

a TV programme shown on the Internet: webcast

a company that broadcasts programmes: channel, station

types of television broadcasts: terrestrial British English, cable, satellite, digital, pay-per-view
television channel surfing

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