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tell me

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtell metell meASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO somethingused before asking a question Tell me, do you think this dress goes with these shoes? So tell me, how was it in Argentina? tell
Examples from the Corpus
tell meTell me a little about yourself.Tell me about Thursday night. Did you visit Mrs Berry?Tell me Caroline, do you trust me?Tell me, do you think this dress matches theses shoes?He told me I was too old to even be considered.She told me once that Spiritualists ate sweets during the service.It was Nina who told me otherwise.They kept telling me that Dino and Bob and Leonardthey said, Those guys are killers, why are you protecting them?Then the nurse came to tell me that he wouldn't see me.Nobody would dream of coming in uninvited, and telling me to put my cigarette out.So tell me - what're you doing in Argentina?She told me what she was looking for in the genealogy some kind of outlaw, I think.Come in and tell me what the problem is.Look, will you tell me where you are?Tell me where you left the money.
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