1 noun
1 [uncountable and countable] a tendency to become angry suddenly or easily:
That temper of hers will get her into trouble one of these days.
According to Nathan, Robin has quite a temper.
Theo needs to learn to control his temper.
quick/bad/fiery etc temper
Be careful, he's got a pretty violent temper.
tempers flare also tempers become frayed British English (=people become angry)
Mason's temper flared when he spotted his girlfriend kissing another man.

lose your temper

to suddenly become very angry so that you cannot control yourself:
I've never seen Vic lose his temper.
3 [singular, uncountable] the way you are feeling at a particular time, especially when you are feeling angry for a short time
in a temper
It's no use talking to him when he's in a temper.
Pete hit his brother in a fit of temper.
be in a bad/foul temper (=to be angry)
Watch out - she's been in a foul temper all day.
fly into a temper
Her boss would fly into a temper if a project wasn't done on time.

keep your temper

to stay calm when it would be easy to get angry:
I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my temper.

good-tempered/foul-tempered/quick-tempered etc

having a good, bad temper etc:
Minnie was always good-tempered and agreeable.
6 [singular] formal the general attitude that people have in a particular place at one time
temper of
the temper of life in Renaissance Italy

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