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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemperamenttem‧pe‧ra‧ment /ˈtempərəmənt/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  CHARACTER/PERSONALITYthe emotional part of someone’s character, especially how likely they are to be happy, angry etcartistic/nervous/good etc temperament Jill has such a lovely relaxed temperament.by temperament Tolkien was, by temperament, a very different man from Lewis.
Examples from the Corpus
temperamentYoung children have very different temperaments and so the style of management of one child may not suit another.She knew they were a light-saddle horse with a good disposition in spite of the spirited, fiery temperament.His looks, his temperament, his background - even his name marked him off for ridicule.If temperament had not existed, all paintings would have of necessity to be simple photographs.Those who survive best emotionally do so partly by the gift of their inborn temperament.That is not to say there were no clashes of temperament or differences of opinion about the way things should be done.Pete has a calm, quiet temperament.His calm, quiet temperament made him popular with his colleagues.I'm not sure if she has the right temperament for the job.My father and I got along very well, having very similar temperaments.artistic/nervous/good etc temperamentThe young Yorkshireman apparently has a good temperament and a complete all-round game.An alert artistic temperament is the first requirement for the creation of these so impressive two dimensional figures.Gould's time was too precious and his ambition too overriding to allow him a thought for artistic temperament.He is unmarried, of perfect health, of nervous temperament, of very great vitality and activity.Movie films always run over budget because the artistic temperament is impatient with detail.She is just the sort of girl to stimulate the artistic temperament.People with artistic temperaments are rarely practical with money and are easy to rip-off.
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