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temperate climate/zone/region etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemperate climate/zone/region etctemperate climate/zone/region etcSGHEMa type of weather or a part of the world that is never very hot or very cold temperate
Examples from the Corpus
temperate climate/zone/region etcAltogether there are four similar species known from he tropics and the temperate zones.Here I review these data and their implications for a temperate climate.Most aquarium plants come from tropical and subtropical areas, with a few from the warmer parts of the temperate zone.Rodomonte hardly noticed the magnificent, unearthly architecture preserved so beautifully away from the squalls of the less temperate zones.The epidemiology in subtropical areas is basically similar to that in temperate zones, except that the seasonable timing of events is different.The epidemiology, at least in temperate zones, is similar to that of Ostertagia in ruminants with seasonal hypobiosis a feature.Its distribution ranges from the tropics to the warmer areas of the temperate zone of both hemispheres.The length of the day changes in the temperate zone with the change of seasons.
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