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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemporarytem‧po‧ra‧ry /ˈtempərəri, -pəri $ -pəreri/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL adjective  1 TEMPORARYcontinuing for only a limited period of time opp permanent temporary pain relief I’m living with my parents, but it’s only temporary. You might want to consider temporary work until you decide what you want to do. She was employed on a temporary basis.2 TEMPORARYintended to be used for only a limited period of time opp permanent temporary accommodation The bridge was erected as a temporary measure.temporarily /ˈtempərərəli $ ˌtempəˈrerəli/ adverb Due to a small fire, the office will be closed temporarily.THESAURUStemporary continuing for only a limited period of timeI’ve got a temporary office job, but I hope I’ll find something more permanent soon.I’m sure the problem is only temporary.temporary staffa temporary visaprovisional temporary – used especially about arrangements or information that people may decide to change in the future. Also used about licences or governments which are only arranged to last for a short timeDoes the hotel accept provisional bookings?They have set a provisional date for the next meeting.a provisional driving licenceIn June, the rebels claimed to have formed a provisional government.Provisional figures yesterday from the Department of Transport showed that 4,274 people were killed last year — 6 percent fewer than the previous year.stopgap [only before noun] temporary – used about something that you use for a short time until you can replace it with something better The Republicans will approve the one-month budget as a stopgap measure to keep the state operating. This is only a stopgap solution to the country’s debt problem.passing [only before noun] temporary – used about an interest, thought, or feeling that is short and not very seriousTonight’s game will be exciting, even to those with only a passing interest in the sport.As a student, I didn’t give working in finance even a passing thought.ephemeral formal existing or popular for only a short timethe ephemeral beauty of white snow on green trees and bare branchesMany new words, particularly slang, are fleeting and ephemeral.transient formal continuing for only a limited time, or staying somewhere for only a short time – used especially to say that something is always changing, or people only stay somewhere for a short timethe transient nature of lifetransient changes in the electrical properties of the neurons Arizona has a highly transient population.
Examples from the Corpus
temporaryThey're living in temporary accommodation at the moment.Because of damage to their homes, many people had to stay in temporary accommodation for a few months.It is estimated more than 2,000 people now sleep on London's streets and another 50,000 in various forms of temporary accommodation.The doctor says the swelling is just temporary and should go down in a few days.It was supposed to be temporary, but we used it for many months.a temporary driver's licensetemporary housingIn the summer of 1944 Burgess got a temporary job in the press department of the Foreign Office.Ben's found a temporary job until November.Pressing the F4 key creates an indented, temporary left margin.I'm sure this is only a temporary problem.Police were not interested in her marriage certificate, her permit to leave home or her temporary residence card for Zhuhai.I've got a temporary secretarial job, but I'm hoping to find something more permanent.Temporary shelters were hastily constructed as the refugees started to pour in.France has agreed to a temporary suspension of military activities.These arrangements are only intended to be temporary until an alternative is found.Seizures are only temporary, with little in the way of problems between them.There are always plenty of temporary workers available during the summer months.Demand for temporary workers continues to rise.on a temporary basisIn addition, the Palacio de Velazquez would be made available to the Prado on a temporary basis.Moses said, referring to its ability to host professional teams on a temporary basis.The only justification for sub-contracting is if you need to hire in some specialist expertise on a temporary basis.There is a vacant night-porter's job we might be able to fill on a temporary basis.This could be achieved if solicitors were prepared to take young people into their offices on a temporary basis.This was often done on a temporary basis at first, but usually the fences became permanent hedges or walls.I caddied on a temporary basis for Nick in Los Angeles and in Kapalua.temporary measureIn either case the patient should be reassured that this is only a temporary measure.Severn Trent has already introduced temporary measures at the site which will help improve the situation.This elaborated temporary measures for implementing the planned sale of state-owned enterprises.Although a temporary measure, it soon became apparent that rent control could not be abolished with the war's end.The government is now operating under a temporary measure, or continuing resolution, that expires at the end of next week.Thus this approach may be considered both safe and effective as a temporary measure to relieve stone related biliary obstruction.But more likely they will just be a temporary measure until even better technologies arrive.These paints should be considered a temporary measure until the cause of the damp has been found and cured.
From Longman Business Dictionarytemporarytem‧po‧ra‧ry /ˈtempərəri, -pəri-pəreri/ adjectiveHUMAN RESOURCES1temporary contract/job/employment a contract, job etc that is only intended to continue for a short time, for example until a particular piece of work is finished2temporary employee/worker/staff an employee who is only employed for a short time, for example to do a particular piece of work compare permanent
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