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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemptingtemp‧ting /ˈtemptɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  ATTRACTsomething that is tempting seems very good and you would like to have it or do it a tempting job offer That pie looks tempting.be tempting to do something It’s tempting to believe her story.
Examples from the Corpus
temptingTheir soups are also very tempting.It is tempting, but completely illegitimate, to slide from analysis of the production of official solutions to their implementation.The chocolate cake was tempting but I couldn't have any because of my diet.It is tempting for any regime to claim that its very survival proves that it has consent and support.I've recently received a very tempting job offer from IBM.It was very tempting - only £50 for a ticket to the fight - but I decided to save the money.Inside you'll find tempting recipes from around the world, all beautifully illustrated.Contained in the pages of the book are tempting recipes from around the world.It is tempting to pick the reformers.It was tempting to think that Helen had turned him against his father, but John doubted this was the case.The sweet trolley in particular is very tempting, with a choice of five or six home-made sweets.be tempting to do somethingIt is tempting to believe so.The task they serve evolves as they are developed, and it is tempting to continue tinkering endlessly.It is tempting to discuss Freud's ideas much further since they have permeated modern psychological thinking.It is tempting to pick the reformers.Of course, it would be tempting to suggest that the independent rights of children are being forgotten in all of this.It may be tempting to talk a great deal about what you have learned about diet, nutrition, exercise, and weight control.It was tempting to think that Helen had turned him against his father, but John doubted this was the case.It is tempting to underestimate the scale and radical nature of changes occurring around us, socially or geographically.
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