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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemptresstemp‧tress /ˈtemptrɪs/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  SYATTRACTa woman who makes a man want to have sex with her
Examples from the Corpus
temptressHe knew fatigue as a temptress capable of leading the unwary into shortcuts that were fatal.Why had she behaved like a temptress in a fifties movie?And it was, despite the black-garbed temptresses and ambitious warlords who walked it.Flat four: Carol, schoolgirl temptress.Lilith appears in the guise of a seductive temptress to lure men to their peril.The newspaper reports, however, serve a different function and illustrate the dangers of young teenage temptresses.The woman is either the temptress or is lying about her consent.Tea-time temptress Jenny Hanley: is a comeback overdue?
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