Language: Old English
Origin: tien


number, noun
Related topics: Numbers
1HMN the number 10:
Snow had been falling steadily for ten days.
I need to be home by ten (=ten o'clock).
At the time, she was about ten (=ten years old).

ten to one

informal used to say that something is very likely:
Ten to one he'll have forgotten all about it tomorrow.

be ten a penny

British English informal to be very common and therefore not special or unusual

➔ be a dime a dozen

at dime (2)

(get) ten out of ten (for something)

British English used in schools to give a perfect mark, or humorously to praise someone:
You get ten out of ten for effort, Simon.
5 [countable] a piece of paper money that is worth ten dollars or ten pounds:
I reached inside my purse and handed him a ten.

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