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tender loving care

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtender loving caretender loving careusually spokenLOVE sympathetic treatment and a lot of attention syn TLC tender
Examples from the Corpus
tender loving careMom gave us kids a lot of tender loving care.Right now I just need some tender loving care.Lucky patients get superb nursing care, infused with professionalism and tender loving care.The Backup New yachts suffer from teething problems, and older yachts need lots of tender loving care.Voice over Millie will need tender loving care and a lot of medical treatment before going home.At some level they still cling to the idea that tender loving care is the only factor in raising kids.With glass and tender loving care it can be done.It is the routine and tender loving care of the staff that create the best atmosphere.Hospitals needed some one to give tender loving care to chil-dren, social agencies had various similar needs, and so on.Mandy had plied her with tender loving care until the tears had come.
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