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tennerten‧ner /ˈtenə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English informal  PEC£10 or a ten-pound note Can you lend me a tenner?
Examples from the Corpus
tennerFor a tenner, I snapped up a dinner-jacket for an office party, and gave it back afterwards.Grey Wig pushed a tenner in.I only spent a tenner all week.Look at the temptation: a pill that will give you euphoria and energy all night long for less than a tenner.There's one on now: for less than a tenner anyone can have a four point safety check.Income: Lend us a tenner?The Feedback tenner will go to whoever suggests the best sponsored name.
From Longman Business Dictionarytennerten‧ner /ˈtenə-ər/ noun [countable] British English informal ten pounds, especially in the form of a ten pound noteCan you lend me a tenner?
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