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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtenonten‧on /ˈtenən/ noun [countable] technical  TICan end of a piece of wood, that has been cut to fit exactly into a mortise in order to form a strong joint
Examples from the Corpus
tenonMitred housings with mortice and tenon joints were used.The seat of the chair is a straight forward mortise and tenon construction apart from two considerations.Cutting tenons on a table saw.If you find pegged tenons, the next stage is to drill out the pegs without damaging the surrounding wood.Another tip: cut the top-rail tenons just short of the rail depth.He cuts the tenon shoulders one at a time, and then lines them up to make a final pass if necessary.At this stage there would be no harm in leaving the tenons slightly long.The risk A man with a clipboard told me that the cutting of the tenons is a dangerous practice.
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