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tensile strength

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tensile strengthˌtensile ˈstrength noun [uncountable] technical  TIthe ability of steel or concrete etc to bear pressure or weight without breaking
Examples from the Corpus
tensile strengthThis imparts a rhythm to the neck even when it is straight and gives a sense of alertness and tensile strength.Its light weight and high tensile strength make it easy to install and wonderfully versatile.Light, high tensile strength fibres confer stiffness and strength to a polymer resin that binds them into a rigid three-dimensional form.Again, relatively high tensile strength may be accompanied by very poor compression characteristics.Nor did its low tensile strength help either.For the tensile strength of monofilament spun by arachnids was the key.Each of these hazards can reduce the tensile strength by several percent.The springs can also become fatigued and lose their tensile strength.
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