Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: Latin tensio, from tendere; TEND


Related topics: Physics
ten‧sion S3 W2

nervous feeling

[uncountable] a nervous worried feeling that makes it impossible for you to relax [↪ tense]:
The tension was becoming unbearable, and I wanted to scream.
reduce/relieve/ease etc tension
Exercise is the ideal way to relieve tension after a hard day.

no trust

[countable usually plural, uncountable] the feeling that exists when people or countries do not trust each other and may suddenly attack each other or start arguing
political/racial/social etc tension
In those days, there was a great deal of racial tension on campus.
tension between
The obvious tension between Warren and Anne made everyone else uncomfortable.

different influences

[uncountable and countable] if there is tension between two things, there is a difference between the needs or influences of each, and that causes problems
tension between
In business, there's always a tension between the needs of customers and shareholders.


[uncountable] tightness or stiffness in a wire, rope, muscle etc:
Tension in the neck muscles can cause headaches.
Muscle tension can be a sign of stress.


[uncountable]HP the amount of force that stretches something:
This wire will take 50 pounds tension.
tension on
There was a lot of tension on the wire before it snapped.

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