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ldoce_331_btenttent /tent/ ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  tent.jpg DLOa shelter consisting of a sheet of cloth supported by poles and ropes, used especially for camping We looked for a flat spot where we could pitch our tent (=put up our tent). oxygen tent
Examples from the Corpus
tentIn her winter coat she appeared to be little more than a central pole with a tent draped from her shoulders.Tackle boxes and tents are being tossed into car trunks.This was fine compared to the moldy tents and dirt floors at tent city.So stick to your own tent if you want a snog.As we erected the tent Tony became wistful again.Resler and I were alone in our corner of the tent.That night, in their tents, they nearly died of cold.We made camp about 5 p. m. each night, using tents and gear provided by Amr and our own sleeping bags.pitch ... tentAfter pitching their tents, the travellers held a rave party that went on for 3 days and nights.We trailed off into the canyons, and pitched tents under the conifers.If he keeps blossoming at this rate, too, basketball coaches soon will be pitching tents in his yard.In which wilderness have they pitched their tents?That was how Master Yehudi came to pitch his tent in Kansas.It was late by the time we had finished chatting and they cycled off to find somewhere to pitch their tent.Joel arrived in time to pitch my tent.Troops could scarcely find dry ground on which to pitch their tents.
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