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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtenterhooksten‧ter‧hooks /ˈtentəhʊks $ -ər-/ noun especially British English   be on tenterhooks
Examples from the Corpus
tenterhooksTime has me dangling on its tenterhooks.She had been on tenterhooks all night expecting Joe to return at any moment from Port Eynon.Louis was reconstituting the royal family, keeping his adult sons on tenterhooks.He was still on tenterhooks waiting for his directors' decision about the manager's job.Everyone had been waiting on tenterhooks on the platform, as they had been technically ready for more than a day.For the remainder of the carol I was on tenterhooks, not daring to take my eyes from the lectern.Nutty watched on tenterhooks as Hoomey took in his new situation: the centre of an admiring crowd.Both of us were on tenterhooks for reasons both intellectual and commercial.
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