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tenthtenth1 /tenθ/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective  HMNcoming after nine other things in a series in the tenth century her tenth birthdaytenth pronoun I’m planning to leave on the tenth (=the tenth day of the month).
Examples from the Corpus
tenthOctober is the tenth month.the tenthLet's have dinner on the tenth.
tenthtenth2 noun [countable]  HMPARTone of ten equal parts of something
Examples from the Corpus
tenthThe group plans to sell 20 acres, or about a tenth of the developable land, this year.The cobalt abundance is usually about a tenth of the nickel concentration.Just a tenth of the cells of our bodies are human.It emitted less than a tenth as much radiation.No shareholder is allowed to own more than a tenth of the company.A tenth of people who drank such water are doomed to die, say doctors.
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