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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishterracedter‧raced /ˈterɪst/ adjective [only before noun]  a terraced field, slope, garden etc has been cut into a series of flat areas along the side of the slope terraced rice fields
Examples from the Corpus
terracedThe view here gave on to a terraced garden within the walls.This was a terraced house in Jubilee Road, a street of run-down Edwardian villas.A bright orange river wound between terraced houses and cleanly-painted pigeon lofts perched among the allotments.Then we wind through interminable streets of Edwardian terraced houses converted to flats and rooms.One- and two-bedroom bungalows are priced from £47,995, while two-bedroom terraced houses start from £54,950.For the poorer workers, the industrialists built closely packed rows of terraced houses with very little open space.In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates.The hotel is fully air-conditioned and boasts a terraced restaurant with views overlooking the bay.
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