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terracottater‧ra‧cot‧ta, terra cotta /ˌterəˈkɒtə◂ $ -ˈkɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  1 TIPhard reddish-brown baked clay a terracotta pot2 a brownish red colourterracotta adjective
Examples from the Corpus
terracottaDalgliesh could glimpse what was obviously her herb garden planted in elegant terracotta pots carefully disposed to catch the sun.Decorative rope-top edgings in terracotta contain the borders and ball-topped corner posts add an extra finishing touch.A pleasant feature of the boardroom is the open terrace, overlooking the concourse, with its terracotta tiled floor.Next door, Frank Dobson's modelled terracotta study for Pax is set beside the work of five other portrait painters.She came to the dining-room first, a vast, almost medieval room with heavy furniture set on terracotta floor tiles.The walls are all a warm, pale terracotta.Several small terracotta birds were found with goddess idols in a shrine at Agia Triadha.Apply cream blusher in a soft terracotta shade, or powder first, then apply a powder blusher in glowing earthy tone.
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