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terrainter‧rain /teˈreɪn, tə-/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  HELAND/GROUNDa particular type of land rocky terrainsee thesaurus at ground
Examples from the Corpus
terrainFor the moment, however, it is sufficient to reflect on the difficult terrain which we are traversing.They had to drive very slowly over the difficult terrain.First there was the difficult terrain.In much of the up- and-down terrain between Dulzura and Tecate, the mountains themselves are the only barrier.Sometimes, as a matter of necessity, you must tackle the harder terrain first.The mountain Nui Ba Den was a singular feature in my area of operation and a good example of hazardous terrain.Rocky terrain with relatively easy access is the shore to look for.Boots are the best footwear on rough terrain.The further we moved towards the Rabari camp, the more desolate the terrain became.The terrain on the island varies quite a bit.Last year they came back for a checkup and medics found their wheelchairs were ruined by the war torn terrain.
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