Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: terrestris, from terra; TERRACE


Related topics: Astronomy, Earth Sciences
ter‧res‧tri‧al [usually before noun] technical
1HA relating to the Earth rather than to the moon or other planets extraterrestrial2
2HE living on or relating to land rather than water

terrestrial TV/broadcasting/channels etc

British EnglishAMTTCB TV etc that is broadcast from the Earth rather than from a satellite
WORD FOCUS: television WORD FOCUS: television
similar words: TV, telly BrE informal, the box BrE informal, the tube AmE informal

programmes on television: the news, soap opera, sitcom, drama series, detective series, documentary, docusoap, game show, talk show also chat show British English, made-for-TV movie, cartoon, reality TV, infomercial

a TV programme shown on the Internet: webcast

a company that broadcasts programmes: channel, station

types of television broadcasts: terrestrial British English, cable, satellite, digital, pay-per-view

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