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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishterrificter‧rif‧ic /təˈrɪfɪk/ ●●○ adjective  1 informalGOOD/EXCELLENT very good, especially in a way that makes you feel happy and excited syn great That’s a terrific idea! The actress who played the lawyer was terrific.see thesaurus at good2 VERYvery large in size or degree a terrific bang He drank a terrific amount of beer.
Examples from the Corpus
terrificYour dress looks terrific!Quantities of leg and headroom are generous, rearward seat travel in particular, and all-round vision is terrific.a terrific crisisYour Mr Bernard is, by the by, even if unwell, a terrific fellow.A terrific industrial upheaval at the present moment might be dangerous from the standpoint of a democratic People's Peace.This terrific park is worth the trip.Geidt and Jack Willis, who plays the other son, are terrific throughout.After a rough start, he racked up a terrific year in 1996.
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