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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishterrifiedter‧ri‧fied /ˈterɪfaɪd/ ●●○ adjective  FRIGHTENEDvery frightened a terrified little girlterrified of Sid is terrified of heights. She was terrified of being caught.terrified (that) We were terrified that the bridge would collapse.terrified at He was terrified at the thought of being stranded in the woods.terrified to do something He was terrified to stay home alone.see thesaurus at frightened
Examples from the Corpus
terrifiedI couldn't move - I was absolutely terrified.She screamed, half terrified, half ecstatic, feeling like a mote of dust tossed on an endless ocean.He returned to Cornbury a broken and terrified man.Because of her marriage and her religion, she's terrified of a scandal.Everyone was terrified of him on account of his frightful temper.He's absolutely terrified of snakes.She wanted to know, and yet was terrified of what he might tell her.a terrified old womanThe faces of the four terrified teenagers looked up at us.I was terrified that my father would find out I had lied to him.The little boy cowered behind the tree, terrified to make a sound.If he was terrified, why did he not run for safety, as any sensible rabbit would?Mike Chittenden staggered in flames into a neighbouring office, where terrified workers doused the flames and administered first aid.terrified to do somethingI am terrified to look at them because I know I will collapse into helpless laughter.The funny thing is that you feel terrified to stay and I feel terrified to go.
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