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territorial waters

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territorial watersˌterritorial ˈwaters noun [plural]  Pthe sea near a country’s coast, which that country has legal control over
Examples from the Corpus
territorial watersHeaven forbid that she should wander into any of his territorial waters.The research ship Solo was seized when it crossed into territorial waters.New Zealand legislation prohibiting nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships from its territorial waters had been first enforced in February 1985.Governors say they are afraid of a rebuff if they venture too near territorial waters.The United States wanted the treaty to apply only outside the 12-mile limit of territorial waters, but it was overruled.From 1995, the dumping of all forms of industrial waste will be prohibited outside of territorial waters.After a further two hour chase the Sea Rover was within our territorial waters where she was stopped and arrested by Seeker.
From Longman Business Dictionaryterritorial watersˌterritorial ˈwaters noun [plural]LAW the sea near a country’s coast, which that country has legal control overTankers in Spain’s territorial waters are affected by strict new safety regulations.
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