Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: terreur, from Latin terror, from terrere; TERRIBLE


Related topics: Bombs and Terrorism


[uncountable] a feeling of extreme fear
in terror
People fled in terror as fire tore through the building.
Shots rang out, and I screamed in terror.
We lived in terror of our father when he was drinking.
There was a look of sheer terror (=complete terror) on his face.
strike terror into somebody/sb's heart
The sound of enemy planes struck terror into our hearts.

frightening situation

[countable] an event or situation that makes people feel extremely frightened, especially because they think they may die
terror of
the terrors of war
Death holds no terrors for (=does not frighten) me.

violent action

[uncountable]SCB violent action for political purposes [= terrorism]:
The resistance movement started a campaign of terror.
The Red Army Faction tried to undermine the state by terror tactics.
Pol Pot's reign of terror in Cambodia


[countable] informal a child who is difficult to control:
That Johnson kid's a real little terror!

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➔ a holy terror

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