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tertiaryter‧tia‧ry /ˈtɜːʃəri $ ˈtɜːrʃieri, -ʃəri/ adjective technical  HMNthird in place, degree, or order
Examples from the Corpus
tertiaryThere are three main types of prevention, known as primary, secondary and tertiary.Methyl tertiary butyl ether could work as substitute for lead but it is expensive.A possible future is that regions will pass away and districts amalgamate to make contracts for more specialist services - tertiary care.Cirencester tertiary college's principal says he's pleased with this years results.Enhance study skills in preparation for tertiary education 3.This leads immediately to an estimate of about 360,000 heavily employed trainers needed in addition to school, college and tertiary education staff.A drug acting on one set of synapses can have secondary and tertiary effects all over the place.As a tertiary intervention, I offered to organise a home help or meals on wheels service if Mrs Allen wished.
From Longman Business Dictionarytertiaryter‧tia‧ry /ˈtɜːʃəriˈtɜːrʃieri, -ʃəri/ adjective [only before a noun]COMMERCE tertiary industries or companies are involved in providing services, rather than the production of RAW MATERIALs (=materials used in manufacturing) or manufacturingThe government plans to transform the current farm-based rural economy into a mixture of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.The city’s economy has moved away from heavy industries towards an expanded tertiary sector.
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