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test drive

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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test driveˈtest drive noun [countable]  TTCan occasion when you drive a car so that you can decide if you want to buy ittest-drive verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
test driveAnd he took me out in it for a test drive.Have a word with your Mazda dealer and take a test drive down memory lane.Or even better, visit your Peugeot dealer and take a test drive in the new Peugeot 605.The game demo lets you take a test drive.A test drive should convince you that Mazda are going places.But it couldn't cope with John's test drive.
From Longman Business Dictionarytest-driveˈtest-drive (also test drive) noun [countable] an occasion when someone, especially a customer, drives a car to find out whether they want to buy itMore auto shoppers are taking extended test drives by renting, perhaps for a weekend, the models they are considering buying.test-drive verb [transitive]Visit our car show rooms and test-drive any new car.
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