2 verb
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test2 S3 W2 [transitive]


M to examine someone's blood, body etc in order to find out what is wrong with them, or to see if they have taken an illegal drug:
I must have my eyes tested.
test somebody for something
They tested her for diabetes.
test positive/negative (for something)
Athletes who test positive for steroids are immediately banned.


to examine a substance or thing in order to find out its qualities or what it contains
test (something) for something
The water should be tested for lead.


to ask someone spoken or written questions, or make them do a practical activity, to discover what they know about a subject
This task is designed to test your reading skills.
test somebody on something
We're being tested on grammar tomorrow.


also test out to use something for a short time to see if it works in the correct way:
The Ferrari team wanted to test their new car out on the racetrack.
test something on somebody/something
None of this range of cosmetics has been tested on animals.

show how good/strong

to show how good or strong someone or something is, especially by putting them in a difficult situation:
a game that will test the contestants' strength and skill
The next six months will test your powers of leadership.
I felt that she was testing me, leaving all that cash lying around.


also test out to start to use an idea or plan to find out if it is correct or effective:
Dr Lee set up a series of experiments to test out this hypothesis.
test something against something
The theory was then tested against the results of the study.

test the water/waters

to check people's reaction to a plan before you decide to use it:
The government is clearly testing the water, to gauge the country's reactions to their proposals.

➔ tried and tested

at tried2
see usage note control2

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