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testamenttes‧ta‧ment /ˈtestəmənt/ noun [countable] formal  1 be a testament to something2 SCL a will2(2)testamentary /ˌtestəˈmentəri◂/ adjective New Testament, Old Testament
Examples from the Corpus
testamentAnd this villa was certainly a testament to that.So observing, Ishamel goes below, makes out his last will and testament with Queequeg the witness and executor.One day a statue will be erected somewhere on O'Connell Street to bear testament to this fact.The greatest testament to the Maya's astronomical knowledge is an amazing illusion built into El Castillo.I was testament to that fact.
From Longman Business Dictionarytestamenttes‧ta‧ment /ˈtestəmənt/ noun [countable]LAW a WILL