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testistes‧tis /ˈtestɪs/ noun (plural testes /-tiːz/) [countable]  technicalHBH a testicle
Examples from the Corpus
testisThe seminal vesicles can become infected and inflamed, as may the epididymis and testis.Innumerable ovaries and testes seamlessly grafted into place.Oct-11 mRNA was detected in the adult thymus and testes and in 14.5 day p.c. embryos.This species has small testes for its body size, even though the literature records that females associate with several males.During the 1840s, Albert von Koelliker showed that spermatozoa are not parasites, but products of cells in the testis.One of the major functions of the testes is to produce testosterone, the most potent androgen.A high intake causes rats to develop cancer, with damage to the testes and infections.
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