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textbooktext‧book1 /ˈtekstbʊk/ ●●● noun [countable]  SEa book that contains information about a subject that people study, especially at school or college a biology textbooksee thesaurus at book coursebook
Examples from the Corpus
textbookThe grant covers the costs of tuition, fees and textbooks.Open most astronomy textbooks and you will find a statement somewhere that calls the Sun an average star.I can't get hold of any of the college textbooks he recommended.Most economics textbooks skip over the subject of investing and financial markets.Elementary textbooks seem to contain no reference to it.One textbook for teachers presented an entire unit on the colon.She read Victorian novels and studied textbooks of anatomy.Social studies textbooks have only comparatively recently begun to include gender as an area of study alongside social class or ethnicity.The assumption is that textbooks, sanitized as they are, are factual and thus noncontroversial.
textbooktextbook2 adjective [only before noun]  PERFECTused to describe something that is done exactly as it should be done, or happens exactly as it should happentextbook case/example The advertising campaign was a textbook example of how to sell a product.
Examples from the Corpus
textbook case/exampleThe Apple Computer company was a textbook case for business schools about how two guys working out of a garage could change the world.This is a textbook example of a parallelistic couplet, with a mirror chiasmus. is parallel to.Suffice that this was a textbook case of civic responsibility.Here was a textbook example of free enterprise in the marketplace of religion, a competition in which the fittest survived.It is a textbook case of how effectively corporate lobbies work in Brussels, not just Washington.This is a textbook example of how Hollywood undermines its best ideas, by insisting on happy endings, even when they are completely implausible.It has become a textbook case of how to kill off public participation.It was a textbook example of maintenance learning.The mortgage market was one of two or three textbook cases that illustrated the change sweeping the world of finance.The model only works at the level of the textbook example, the single isolated sentence.
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