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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthankfulthank‧ful /ˈθæŋkfəl/ adjective [not before noun]  THANKgrateful and glad about something that has happened, especially because without it the situation would be much worsethankful for I’ll be thankful for a good night’s sleep after the week I’ve had.thankful (that) She was thankful that Chantal was there.thankful to do something I was thankful to make any sort of progress at all.thankfulness noun [uncountable] be thankful for small mercies/favours at small1(13)
Examples from the Corpus
thankfulTobie, who regarded the Patriarch with undiluted horror, felt thankful.Take what they give you, and be thankful.They had been conquered by Menelik but among them the Abyssinian imprint was as yet barely discernible, for which I was thankful.Portadown won the local derby against Armagh 20-6 yesterday and will be thankful for another home draw.I am always thankful for their enthusiasm and commitment.I get up every day thankful that I have a job and kids and a nice house.All were thankful that it was no worse.She was thankful that Louise had insisted she travel first class.Later on she had good reason to be thankful that she was.Giles walked slowly and quietly, thankful to be rescued.thankful to do somethingI walked to the shore, thankful to be alive, unable to understand how.Giles walked slowly and quietly, thankful to be rescued.And we were thankful to be there for Edward.He could honestly say that on waking this morning he was thankful to feel he was a free man.I was never so thankful to see a friendly face.She was thankful to see both main water and electric light.He looked extremely annoyed and she was thankful to see Marguerite hurry out to obey.But perhaps we should be thankful to the Duchess.She did not mean thankful to the skill and dedication of certain trained individuals.
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