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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthankfullythank‧ful‧ly /ˈθæŋkfəli/ ●○○ adverb  1 [sentence adverb]LUCKY used to say that you are glad that something has happened, especially because a difficult situation has ended or been avoided Thankfully, I managed to pay off all my debts before we got married.2 THANKfeeling grateful and glad about something, especially because a difficult situation has ended or been avoided We came in and collapsed thankfully onto our beds.
Examples from the Corpus
thankfullyPerhaps local authorities should thankfully accept this solution and turn their attention to the needs of non-dementing elderly residents and community services.The carousel, its rows of white horses resplendent with red leather saddles and black-painted bridles, was thankfully almost empty.Very soon afterwards, the archdiocese withdrew its plans and the church thankfully continues in use.Several other analysts of international politics thankfully envision more constructive possibilities.The lift was thankfully free and she stepped blindly into it, blinking so that she could find the right button to push.Thankfully, my children are grown and able to support themselves.Firstly, engine fires happen, though thankfully they are rare, and often not catastrophic.
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