1 interjection
thanks1 S1 W2 informal
1 used to tell someone that you are grateful for something they have given you or done for you [= thank you]:
'Pass the salt, please ... thanks.'
thanks for
Thanks a lot for the drink.
Thanks very much for your help.
Many thanks for the lovely flowers.
thanks for doing something
I'd love to go to the party. Thanks for asking me.
2 used as a polite way of accepting something that someone has offered you:
'Do you want another cup of coffee?' 'Oh, thanks.'
3 spoken used when politely answering someone's question:
'Hi, Bill, how are you?' ' Fine, thanks.'

no thanks

used to say politely that you do not want something:
'How about some cake?' 'Oh, no thanks, I'm on a diet.'

thanks a lot

also thanks a bunch American English spoken used when really you are annoyed about something and you do not mean 'thank you' at all

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