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thanksgivingthanks‧giv‧ing /ˌθæŋksˈɡɪvɪŋ◂/ noun [countable, uncountable] formal  RRan expression of thanks to God
Examples from the Corpus
thanksgivingWe allow our feelings to flow out towards him in adoration, confession, thanksgiving and praise.And no pilots in our company had been killed, an occasion for thanksgiving.They sang and shouted and danced and prayed and raised their hands in thanksgiving.A short hymn of thanksgiving followed and the service was over.And therefore his attitude must be one of thanksgiving.Several photos, tokens of thanksgiving, are attached to the red velvet robe that covers the carving.But the context of this gratitude is itself one of gratitude for the elements of the thanksgiving meal.The thanksgiving dinner, the feast ... that was it, of course.
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ThanksgivingThanksgiving ●●● S2 noun [uncountable]  TMCCELEBRATEa public holiday in the US and in Canada when families have a large meal together to celebrate and be thankful for food, health, families etc
Examples from the Corpus
ThanksgivingEven then, they would only put in a brief appearance in puddings and cakes at Thanksgiving and Christmas.We should be celebrating Thanksgiving and Fourth of July!Where are you going for Thanksgiving?Have a happy fourth-Thursday-in-November Thanksgiving.Volume was the slowest since Thanksgiving.It was a bitter pill for the 117 men listed to swallow with their Thanksgiving turkey yesterday.
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