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that’s right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthat’s rightthat’s rightspoken a) AGREEused to agree with what someone says or to answeryes’ to a question ‘I gather you work in the sales department?’ ‘That’s right.’ ‘Some people find it very difficult to work quickly.’ ‘That’s right, and they often find exams very stressful.’ b) ANGRYused when you are telling someone that you are angry about what they are doing That’s right! Just blame me for everything, as usual! right
Examples from the Corpus
that’s rightAmitha: In a way that's right.Do you think that's right?I don't think that's right.But she will not get that distance until she learns to - that's right - detach.And as Bethan found, it may also take some time to find a treatment that's right for you.Yes, that's right, it can be done, we can face history down.Yeah, that's right - it was based on a Raymond Chandler novel.That's right, Jim's been a friend of mine for years.Yes, that's right, the car maker.
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