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that’s something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthat’s somethingthat’s somethingHAPPYused to say that there is one thing that you should be glad about At least we have some money left. That’s something, isn’t it? something
Examples from the Corpus
that’s somethingOkay, that's something a soldier has to accept, in an abstract sort of way.As for Winterreise itself, that's something else.From his talks with players, that's something he discovered was missing in the Phillies clubhouse last season.And that's something many fans simply don't want.You bought it as somewhere where you could keep me, and that's something quite different.And that's something technology alone, however sharp, could never do.It's a manifestation of the marvellous relationship you had with your husband and that's something you should hand on to dearly.Oh, good, that's something.
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