2 conjunction
that2 S1 W1
1 used after verbs, nouns, and adjectives to introduce a clause which shows what someone says or thinks, or states a fact or reason:
If she said that she'd come, she'll come.
I can't believe that he's only 17.
Are you sure that they live in Park Lane?
allegations that he is guilty of war crimes
The fact that he is your brother-in-law should not affect your decision.
He might have left the money for the simple reason that he didn't know it was there.
2 used after a phrase with 'so' or 'such' to introduce a clause that shows the result of something:
I was so tired that I fell asleep.
The school was so badly damaged that it had to be pulled down.
We had been away for such a long time that I had forgotten her name.
3 used to introduce a clause that refers to a fact, when describing it:
It's odd that I haven't heard of you.
That anyone should want to kill her was unthinkable.
The problem is that no-one knows what will happen.
4 formal in order that something may happen or someone may do something:
Give us strength that we may stand against them.
5 literary used to express a wish for something to happen or be true, especially when this is not possible:
Oh, that she were alive to see this!

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