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thatchthatch /θætʃ/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]TBC straw, reeds, leaves etc used to make a roof, or the roof made of them2 [singular]HBH a thick untidy pile of hair on someone’s head
Examples from the Corpus
thatchRidgery Butts was a slovenly, poor village, clay and thatch hovels clustered about its church and windmill.The cabin thatch would catch fire at any moment.And very good thatch it made.As we talked, his quick fingers wove palm fronds into thatch like the roof of his hut.As she stepped out into the moonlight, two magpies landed on the thatch.It was cold, too, an icy wind sneaking in through the thatch and through gaps in the mud wall.The wood was faded and weather-worn, the thatch still thick but dark with age.Dotty herself was in the garden, a straw hat of gigantic proportions crowning her untidy thatch of hair.
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