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the advent of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe advent of somethingthe advent of something writtenBEGINNINGthe time when something first begins to be widely used syn coming the advent of the computer advent
Examples from the Corpus
the advent of somethingMany more people died of infections before the advent of penicillin.Long before the advent of robots and personal computers, he invented a race of super-intelligent robots.Or you can shorten the story to hasten the advent of dream-time.External information provision has seen the advent of end-user searching of external hosts.Not since the advent of beat-the-clock recipes has cooking dinner become so streamlined.That changed dramatically with the advent of air conditioning.Even with the advent of mass unemployment, this trend has continued, if anything more strongly.With the advent of liberalism, it became a doctrine.With the advent of word processors, the use of standard letters and paragraphs has been made easier.
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