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the air

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe airthe airthe space above the ground or around thingsinto the air Flames leapt into the air.through the air He fell 2,000 metres through the air without a parachute. air
Examples from the Corpus
through the airI stood fearfully against a board as in rapid succession the knives flashed through the air and encircled my body.I turned around and saw my machine gunner flying through the air.I find myself flying through the air and I come down with a hard, judo type slap-fall.The balloon floated silently through the air.Look down on the trees, lakes and mountains far below as you soar through the air ...Foam began to spread through the air as the fire-fighting systems reacted automatically to the emergency.It then truly or falsely spun through the air and knocked over all the pins your luck and skill permitted.Sound waves travel more easily through solid objects than through the air.A piece of scalp flew yards through the air.