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the airwaves

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe airwavesthe airwavesinformalTCB radio and television broadcastson/over the airwaves a subject that’s been debated on the airwaves airwaves
Examples from the Corpus
on/over the airwavesThe Tulsa humiliation was barely a week old and Harrick-bashing was in full force on the airwaves and in the papers.It is like letting your Aunt Violet go on the airwaves.It will be introduced on the airwaves in the next couple of weeks.The three-year-old had picked up the patter from watching his dad Keith on the airwaves.Twice he appealed directly to Leanna over the airwaves, though he was aware she never listened to the radio.He called himself Rusty Sharpe and was quite clear that he had something to offer on the airwaves.It's easy to see how Baker makes out on the airwaves.Recently, at least three penguins have been flogging various products on the airwaves.
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