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the/an incarnation of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe/an incarnation of somethingthe/an incarnation of somethingsomeone who has a lot of a particular quality, or represents it She was the incarnation of wisdom. incarnation
Examples from the Corpus
the/an incarnation of somethingI can not remember all the incarnations of this place, but the current one is offering up some terrific food.Yet the artists engaged in these works were in no mood to present the barbarians as the incarnation of evil forces.De Gaulle was perceived and perceived himself as the incarnation of both revolution and restoration.Once again we are reminded most powerfully of the significance of this Christmas event, the incarnation of the eternal word.The Lone Ranger, the incarnation of the individual problem solver, is dead.She was the incarnation of everything that had gone amiss in Sylvie's own life.
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