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the/an obvious choice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe/an obvious choicethe/an obvious choiceCHOOSEthe person or thing that you would expect everyone to choose Teaching is an obvious choice of career if you like working with children. obvious
Examples from the Corpus
the/an obvious choiceDuncan Sandys was the obvious choice.Most frequently the group had several alternative plants to consider for closure rather than an obvious choice.Says Ted: My father was the obvious choice.That they have everybody back, another year bigger, stronger and smarter, makes them the obvious choice.Given the nature of the project, Pontus Hulten was an obvious choice to direct the artistic activities of the new Kunsthalle.Mentheus of Caledor, the obvious choice, was dead.No problem, Mr Hinds had said, the obvious choice was Renie LaChance.
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