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the approach of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe approach of somethingthe approach of somethingALMOSTthe approach of a particular time or event is the fact that it is getting closer the approach of autumn It’s a sign of the approach of middle age. approach
Examples from the Corpus
the approach of somethingDuring 1939 the approach of war seemed inexorable.Looks at patterns of development, the approach of house builders to derelict land, and brownfield risk analysis.This is the approach of the neurophysiologist.This is very obviously the approach of some one writing exclusively and specifically for the young.That depends very much on the approach of some individuals.I regret the approach of the Minister of State, Home Office.This corresponds broadly with the approach of the previous chapter, and owes much to the Weberian analysis of bureaucracy.The air was growing cooler with the approach of evening.The pillwort plant usually dies with the approach of winter.
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