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the architect of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe architect of somethingthe architect of somethingthe person who originally thought of an important and successful idea Tinoco was one of the architects of the government’s economic reforms. architect
Examples from the Corpus
the architect of somethingThe act of being creative should relate to the Creator - the Architect of the Universe.And Sculley was determined to be known as the architect of that vision.Mr Patten lost his seat of Bath despite being the architect of Mr Major's 21-seat majority.One of the first tasks for the architects of Worldwide Plaza was to determine the geological makeup of the site.No one knows the architect of Mission San Xavier del Bac or why one tower never was completed.United were partly the architects of their own problems.Colonel Lewis Pick, the architect of the tribes' inundation, was the embodiment of a no-nonsense military man.Chubais was the chief architect of Russia's economic transition.
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