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the army

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe armythe armyARMYthe part of a country’s military force that is trained to fight on land in a war The army are helping to clear up after the floods. an army officer Army units launched attacks on bases near Jounieh port. He joined the army when he was 17.in the army My son is in the army. army
Examples from the Corpus
in the armyBoth my sons are in the army.Brown, a captain in the Army, was buried with full military honors.Even at the best of times fighting in the ranks can cause disarray and confusion in the army.He was crazy in the Army.These points values are also included in the Army List entries, but are repeated here so that you can compare them.They haven't much money, and he's in the Army.He dropped out of City after a year served in the army, returned to City, and graduated in 1959.After a spell in the army, he developed this into a business taking second-rate acts to provincial Soviet cities.Four years in the army, and this is my first real battle - with a sword in my hand.